Learn to Use These Systems For: 

Client Names & Details
Sales Scripts & Handling Objections
Prioritization & Time Management
Competitive Advantages
Sales Messaging & Client Profiling
Training & Onboarding New Salespeople
Personal & Professional Development
Recalling Conversations, Data & Numbers

everyone IN SALES NEEDS a good memory.

Pure and simple … to be a more successful salesperson, build trust fasterand close more sales, you need to remember more. Sometimes a lot more.

If your success requires being smarter, more expert, never forgetting names or face, precise recall of personal/business details, situational fluency, more knowledgeable and better prepared, curious, organized, trusted, accurate, a great listener, negotiator, good judge of people, solutions-minded, and a quick learner, then you need better systems … my system.

You have three training paths to a superior memory … self-guided materials & online modules, small-group & personal zoom coaching sessions, and live customized onsite workshops conducted by Scott Bornstein.

Learn how to encode what’s important, reduce the cognitive load & free up more memory capacity, and master the habits of a Memory Expert to advance your sales professional career … faster!

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ZOOM SESSION 1 – 1.5 hours

MemoryPower 1.0 – How Your Brain Learns Best • 5 Laws of Memory • The System & How to Use It • Names & Faces – I

ZOOM SESSION 2 – 1.25 hours

MemoryPower 2.0 – Next Level Systems • Negotiating & Remembering What You Hear • Names & Faces – II • Number System

ZOOM SESSION 3 – 1.25 hours

MemoryPower 3.0 – The 4 Master Systems • Key Anchors • Sales Scripts • Reading Memory Process • Names & Faces – III

ZOOM SESSION 4 – 1.5 hours

MemoryPower 4.0 – Systems Thinking • Notes & Mind-Maps • Customer/Buyer Profiles • Names & Faces – IV • Making Yourself Unforgettable • Next Steps

ZOOM 1-2-1 SESSION 1 – 1.0 hours

Applying the Systems Consistently & Reliably

ZOOM 1-2-1 SESSION 2 – .75 hour

Eliminating Your Challenges • Strategies

ZOOM 1-2-1 SESSION 3 – .75 hour

Hitting Your Targets & Goals Consistently

ZOOM 1-2-1 SESSION 4 – 1.0 hours

Your Memory Sales Master Plan



You will be learning a NEW habit, a thoroughly foundational approach to absorbing information and triggering the memory. You will be guided, step-by-step, in re-wiring your memory’s capabilities; a process that requires 4 sessions across 4 weeks to allow the skill to grow strong and your memory to act fast.

You will have online practice to sharpen your new systems and reinforce recall accuracy. Special materials to develop focus and build a richer vocabulary (crucial to memory consolidation and rapid learning), and mastery of the number system.

Through precise and varied examples precisely relevant to sales, selling, and personal performance  names, numbers, terms, scripts, objection handling, listening reading comprehension, notes, lists, organization and prioritization tools, customer/buyer profiles  you master an air-tight system that guarantees rapid and lasting mastery for what you must not forget.

what’s included

Each training lasts 4 weeks, is conducted personally by Scott Bornstein, limited to a maximum of 8 sales professionals to allow optimal interaction and learning, customized training materials, subscription to all online review/practice modules, 12 hour Verbal Advantage audio training + book, 110 card deck of the master number/word system, and $125 materials. Group limited to 8.

ADD-ON 1-2-1 Coaching to customize and target your training/practice for greatest value!

1-2-1 Coaching & MORE

You’re in training and I’m your personal MemoryPower sales trainer.  Your guide with the neural/cognitive map for designing the shortest path to your best recall results

With more than 30 years experience in training salespeople to out-know and out-sell their competition (and chief Memory Training Expert to CEOs and their companies across 52 countries) – I will save you time & effort, and guide you to remembering what you must not forget to make hitting your sales targets and goals easier.

This 1-2-1 COACHING is in addition to the 4 MasterClass training and precisely tuned to connect your newfound memory expertise and proficiency to your current and future sales-training mastery needs.


“Scott takes his processes and connects how it can provide you and your company an incredible competitive advantage


VP Sales Development – Wells Fargo
“Outstanding! Pure genius!  This was so useful! All sales consultants should take this class.”

erin mcclelland

Cytology Acct Mgr – Beckman Coulter
“Everyone can benefit from this! Salespeople, engineers, technicians, me – an executive!”


President – Active Port
“This was a great program! It’s the epitome of working smart and not working hard.”


Sales Trainer – 1-800-Got-Junk?