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“I became a better CEO today. Your methodology is concise and easy to apply. My first commitment is to now learn the names of all 300 of our employees.

Gary Tabor

CEO, BMD, Sacramento


winning strategies for Leaders & investment professionals

“I found this extremely useful. A very involved presentation which was very interesting. As I start to see the techniques learned I think this will be great in the office and also my external endeavors.

Daniel Gayle

Investor Analyst, HSBC Global Asset Management

Value to Members: 

  • The MemoryPower Factor: Strategies for Executive Performance, Leadership and Influence
  • The Five Laws of MemoryPower & the 10-Day Rule, the “Brain-Rules” of Learning, Concentration and Productivity
  • Three MemoryPower Systems for Learning Deep and Fast, Managing Priorities & Information Overwhelm, 6 MIT Process
  • Names and Faces Drill-Down: Six Keys to Flawless Recall of People, Facts and Details
  • The MemoryPower Metric: Aligning People, Training, Sales, Operations and Marketing
  • Best-Practices, Leadership IQ, Actionables, Guided Follow-Ups

Spousal events 

In this outside-the-box, content and skills-rich, spousal event, dive into the systems and science of memory and experience how easy it is to leverage your memory power to work at an elite level.

Experience jaw-dropping demonstrations by yourself and others, be challenged and have fun, and discover how effective Scott Bornstein’s systems are in shaping how leaders, executives, professionals, students, and aging adults can stress less and recall more.

Boost your brain’s effectiveness, combat memory loss as you age, improve cognitive resilience, and leave feeling like the smartest person in the room! 

“This system will enable me to recall names/facts of employees/leads/acquisitions.


Tax Partner, Aprio

about scott BORNSTEIN

Intuitive and easy to master, Bornstein’s process triggers your brain’s recall ability and cognitive reach for any subject in minutes … not hours or days.

His approach works the way the brain is wired to learn – using story and dynamic, visual imagination – using a precise, learned system. Discover how to focus your attention and concentration, and acquire an amazing way to weave new ideas into unforgettable bursts of deep and fast learning for instant and enduring recall.