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The Complete Memory Training Solution

This is the answer to your MemoryPower Training needs. Precise, airtight, step-by-step, it will take you on a journey of personal, academic, and professional skills development that will translate into success and competitive advantage in every area of your life.

FACT: We are all born with a phenomenal memory, we are never taught how it works or how to use it.

Master all the systems beginning with the 3 MemoryPower basic systems, the 5 laws of MemoryPower, and the 10 day rule to keep information at your fingertips. Hard-wire advanced systems for remembering complex and varied types of information, including numbers, names, faces and facts, terms, steps in procedures, passwords, what you read, processes and lists. Train yourself to have an expansive memory for words, and use this talent to assimilate new information at lightening speed.

FACT: We are never taught anything about special and advanced memory techniques and how to use it to our advantage.

Whatever your learning goals – personal or professional; work or sales performance; academic mastery – this program will train you to use powerhouse tools and memory systems that create precise, rapid and long-term recall.

FACT: There is no such thing as a poor memory, only an “untrained memory.”

Developed exclusively for the busy student or professional, this brain-changing 24+ hour dive into memory expertise by renowned memory expert Scott Bornstein will teach you the most effective systems and skill-sets a person must have to succeed academically, professionally, and on the job, as well as for keeping your mind and memory sharp and agile as you age.

FACT: If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get the same results you’ve always gotten.

Using Scott’s MemoryPower training DVDs, CDs, and airtight 36 day guide, immediately improve your brain’s powerhouse abilities to efficiently organize and retain new information with ease, save time, and most importantly, achieve comprehensive and lasting gains in your MemoryPower to remember what you must not forget. It’s easy once you know how!

Bornstein Memory Training … making memory experts across 50 countries since 1952.

What you’ll learn:
  MemoryPower Basics – words, priming memory, the 10 Day Rule
  3 Foundational MemoryPower Systems – the 3 L’s
  Flawless recall of names & faces – the 6 Steps
  Advanced MemoryPower: creating your next MemoryPower Systems
  The Bornstein Number & KeyWord System – precise number recall
  Networking, business cards, names & faces best practices
  Reading for speed, comprehension and rapid recall – the “trigger” words
  Mind-Mapping MemoryPower for students & professionals: note-taking, presentations, strategic planning, meetings, what you read
  Advanced MemoryPower: learning foreign languages
  MemoryPower Systems Thinking – How to organize, assimilate and remember copious amounts of information
  Advanced MemoryPower: the number systems’ 100 KeyWord anchors
  Word power = Memory power: the verbal advantage MemoryPower system
  Exam strategies, MemoryPower study habits, and more …
  Final practices using names, facts, numbers and details
  36 day step-by-step airtight guide to drill-down all systems

What’s included in this DVD/CD MemoryPower bundle:
5 DVDs: Mastering the MemoryPower Basics, Advanced MemoryPower Systems for Professionals, Never Forget a Name or a Face Again!, Advanced MemoryPower Systems for Students, The Mind-Mapping MemoryPower System
6 CDs: Scott Bornstein’s Breakthrough Learning MemoryPower Workshop and companion 88 page workbook
18 CDs: The Original Verbal Advantage MemoryPower Edition and companion 56 page workbook
100 Number-Word Color Flash Cards for Training the Memory Number System
36 Day Study Guide, Mind-Mapping Guide & Worksheets, 6 Step MemoryPower Worksheet for business, 2 Bonus MP3s, Colored pens for Mind-Mapping

The Complete Memory
Training Solution

All of Scott’s memory training
systems in ONE package.

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What’s included in this bundle:

Mastering the Memory Power Basics (DVD)

Never Forget a Name or a Face Again! (DVD)

Advanced Memory Power Systems for Students

Advanced Memory Power Systems for Professionals

The Mind-Mapping Memory Power System (DVD)

Scott Bornstein’s Memory Power Workshop Seminar

The Original Verbal Advantage — 12 CD Memory Power Edition

Complete_Schdule1 Worksheets_18mem-4001-Full-Size Worksheets_18mem-4001-Full-Size
Study guide, Worksheets, Number-Keyword System Training Cards