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“An outstanding presentation. Scott breaks down the processes to engage your memory more effectively and connects how it can provide you and your company an incredible competitive advantage.”

Eric Boales

VP Sales Development, Wells Fargo

The world’s premier peer-to-peer executive organizations – Vistage, TEC, Young Presidents’ Organization, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, World Presidents’ Organization – rank Scott Bornstein among their best speakers for content, delivery, and business value. Scott has had the privilege to present to more than 30,000 of their CEO, Key Executive, and spouse members, as well as for association, corporate, and client events across 52 countries since 1990.

Scott’s real-time demonstrations of MemoryPower are jaw-dropping and his Memory Training systems for increasing leadershipsales, and customer service powerfully connect. Scott takes great care in customizing precisely targeted, relevant, case-studies and examples – unique to each group – to model the systems and processes he teaches. 

Scott Bornstein’s father, Arthur Bornstein, founded the Bornstein School of Memory Training in Los Angeles in 1952.  He was ahead of his time as an educator and entrepreneur, who took a little-understood skill and created the most widely recognized and formidable learning system of its kind. Since then, together, they have transformed the lives of nearly two-million students, executives, salespeople, and adults around the world.

From Harvard Business School OPM alumni to Fidelity fund managers and analysts, Cognos and Beckman Coulter sales professionals to Starwood Asia & Accor Hotel GM’s and staff, CLSA clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, India and the UK, to lawyers and medical professionals, CEO’s, managers and ASAE leaders to educators and students in twenty states and five countries, everyone who experiences Scott Bornstein walks away inspired, confident, and with precise skills to profit from their MemoryPower for a lifetime of success.

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Whether it’s corporate leadership retreats, company all-hands meetings, annual conventions, executive spousal events, sales training or shipboard lecture engagements, everyone who experiences Scott Bornstein walks away amazed and excited, with personal and professional takeaway, business and social value, and the confidence in their newfound memory capability to remember what they must not forget!


Intuitive and easy to master, Bornstein’s process triggers your brain’s recall ability for any subject in minutes … not hours or days.

It works the way the brain is wired to learn – using story and dynamic, visual imagination.  With a precise, learned system, you discover how to focus your attention and concentration, and acquire an amazing way to weave new ideas into unforgettable bursts of associations for instant and enduring recall.