Scott Bornstein’s Number-Word
Anchor System Training Flashcards

Every memory expert has mastered a unique set of anchor words, that connect numbers to objects. These “Visual Key-Words” represent a precise filing system of coded “locations” that make mastery of new information unfailingly easy and increase the memory’s bandwidth with breathtaking speed.

Once the 10 numbers and 10 letters are encoded in your recall (7 x 10 days), you can begin to pour the foundation of a permanent list of “anchor” locations that will catapult your MemoryPower IQ to a master level and give you unfailing accuracy in number recall!

For those who’ve attended Scott’s training or anyone familiar with the number system determined to take their MemoryPower to a whole new level, this secret code will give your mind new organizational powers you can use the rest of your life.

This number-picture system will generate deeper brain and cognitive power, increase focus and concentration, and prime your MemoryPower in creative and confidence-building ways.

What’s included:
110 two-sided color flashcards with number and corresponding “key word” from 1-100, plus reference cards of the number/letter system and “key words” grouped 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100. 3 x 4 cards are printed on durable, index card stock, with a smooth vellum finish.

Bornstein’s Number-Word
Anchor System

Master Bornstein’s advanced
number-word system with ease!


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