The SPELLING memorizer sYSTEM

Students learn how to expertly remember the hardest spelling words in just a few hours without boring repetition. Created by Arthur Bornstein, nationally famous memory expert, these materials are a favorite resource for students of all ages, in all grades, and for people learning a second language who have difficulty in learning how to spell.

Students love the way Arthur Bornstein’s dynamic visual technique create instant recall for remembering the correct spelling of words. Using 56 “spelling demons” as examples, the learner will discover how to apply 20 important methods of memorization to help make any new spelling word unforgettable!

How the method works:

The student observes the illustration and unique association and then recalls the story that corrects the spelling error. In just a few minutes the flashcards demonstrate the logical process of thinking, how creative imagination works and how students can make their own dramatic associations and have fun learning how to spell. The methods develop right brain and left brain learning!

Example: See the head of a “bull” made of “tin” with a huge letter “E” stamped onto its forehead. bulletin.

What’s included:
Spelling Memorizer Kit includes 56 large 8.5 x 11 colorfully illustrated flashcards with the association on the back, study guide, and instructional CD.