Students learn and remember all multiplication facts up to  12 x 12 … in minutes – not days or weeks – without boring repetition.

Created by nationally famous memory expert Arthur Bornstein, these materials are used in more than 100,000 schools and homes worldwide.

Students love the way Arthur Bornstein’s dynamic visual technique creates instant recall for each multiplication fact.

How the method works:

The student observes the illustration and then recalls images representing numbers, connecting the number combinations in his or her mind. When the student thinks of the numbers, the answer is automatically remembered by the visual and sound association. Also used to teach/learn division!

Example: Three sounds like tree. Eight looks like a snowman. Now, picture the snowman swinging in the tree, saying “I swing here 24 hours a day!”   3 x 8 = 24, 8 x 3 = 24, 24 ÷ 3 = 8, 24 ÷ 8 = 3. 

What’s included:
Multiplication Memorizer Kit includes 54 large 7 x 11 colorfully illustrated flash cards, study guide, and teacher/student instructional CD


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