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Academic Success Bundle

If you have ever had your mind go blank during a test, feel overwhelmed from information overload, or just want to strengthen your memory so you can spend less time studying … then you need this program.

Developed exclusively for the busy student, this brain-changing 10 hour dive into memory expertise by renowned memory expert Scott Bornstein will teach you the most important skill-sets a student must have to improve test performance, grades, and the academic experience. Improve personal productivity, self-confidence and home relationships, and most importantly, get better grades!

Using Scott’s MemoryPower training DVDs, CDs, and airtight 21 day guide, immediately improve your ability to remember facts for tests, names, details, numbers, and what you read and hear. Achieve unfailing confidence in your memory power to remember what you must not forget!

What you’ll learn:
  MemoryPower Basics – words, priming memory, the 10 Day Rule
  3 Foundational MemoryPower Systems – the 3 L’s
  Creating your own MemoryPower Systems
  The Bornstein Number KeyWord System
  Trigger words, reading for speed & comprehension
  Mind-mapping for students, note-taking, reading, presentations, planning
  Exam strategies, MemoryPower study habits, and more …
  21 day step-by-step airtight guide to drill-down all systems

What’s included in this DVD/CD MemoryPower bundle:
3 DVDs: Mastering the MemoryPower Basics, Advanced MemoryPower Systems for Students, The Mind-Mapping MemoryPower System
6 CDs: Scott Bornstein’s Breakthrough Learning MemoryPower Workshop and companion 88 page workbook
100 Number-Word Color Flash Cards for Training the Memory Number System
21 Day Study Guide, Mind-Mapping Guide & Worksheets, Bonus MP3

Academic Success
3 DVD & 6 CD bundle

Learn to unlock your memory power
to achieve epic academic success!

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What’s included in this bundle:
Mastering the Memory Power Basics (DVD)

Advanced Memory Power Systems for Students (DVD)

The Mind-Mapping Memory Power System (DVD)

Scott Bornstein’s Memory Power Workshop Seminar