Advanced MemoryPower Systems for Students

The secret weapon and core competency of all successful students is a powerful and accurate memory. It is the source of accomplishment, supreme self-confidence, and academic achievement.

In the MemoryPower Basics you were introduced to the “how to’s” of a trained memory. In this powerful, skills-packed, interactive and example-rich advanced memory training, Scott Bornstein shows you how to take your MemoryPower from proficient to extraordinary.

Build on your existing systems and learn to create your own systems on the fly. Discover “how much” you can learn, and, using these powerhouse processes, explore how to apply them to manage academic-critical knowledge and test-taking situations with unfailing confidence.

Every student who practices these tools and strategies experiences lasting increase in their MemoryPower to remember what they must not forget!

What you’ll learn:
  Advanced MemoryPower Systems for students – practice
  Creating your own MemoryPower Systems – practice
  How to use the systems to study for tests
  Training workbook and 10 day guided MemoryPower training schedule

Included in the DVD/CD packages: The Complete MemoryPower Solution, Academic Success bundle.

Advanced MemoryPower
Systems for Students – DVD

Increase your memory’s capacity to
retain more facts, faster, without fail.


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