Never Forget a Name or a Face Again!

If you have ever had your mind go blank during an introduction or in important business or social situations, spend any part of your day in sales, management, or customer service activities; or fear the embarrassment of forgetting someone you’ve met previously, then worry no more!

In this fun, skills-packed, interactive and example-rich DVD training, Scott Bornstein will give you a 6 Step System that will unlock your brain’s powerhouse abilities for recalling names, faces, facts and details.

Remember first and last names with ease, be in control when meeting people in a group, and discover the one rule that will immediately boost your memory for names by 80%.  Practice in real time, follow the precise training schedule in the handout and begin seeing results the very next time you meet someone new!

This is the single most important skill you can develop!

What you’ll learn:
  How to make names & faces unforgettable – the 6 Steps
  Observation skills, logical laws of association & the 3x Rule
  Networking, business card rules, best practices
  Training worksheets and guided practices

Included in the DVD/CD packages: The Complete MemoryPower Solution and Professional bundle.

Never Forget a Name
or a Face Again! – DVD

6 steps to flawless recall. Systems
for groups, facts and details!


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