The Mind-Mapping MemoryPower System

Whether you are a student, in sales, manage teams or lead an entire organization, if you feel overwhelmed by too much information, struggle to remember what you read, would like new tools to help you become more organized, or ever had your mind go blank giving a presentation, then worry no more!

In this fun, skills-packed, interactive and example-rich DVD training, Scott Bornstein will introduce you to the Mind-Mapping MemoryPower System that will unlock your brain’s powerhouse abilities for recording and remembering facts and information that you hear or read.

Take notes the way your brain remembers best, increase reading speed and retention with the help of 9 “trigger words”, and discover the one rule that will improve time management. See results the very next time you are attending a presentation, taking notes, conducting a meeting, doing research or engaging in a negotiation!

What you’ll learn:
  Why mind-maps work to make information unforgettable
  Trigger words, reading for speed & comprehension & the 50% Time Rule
  Mind-mapping for students, meetings & negotiations, reading, presentations, and strategic planning
  Training worksheets and guided practices

Included in the DVD/CD packages: The Complete MemoryPower Solution, Professional bundle, and Academic Success bundle.

The Mind-Mapping
MemoryPower System – DVD

Use mind-maps to make your memory
stronger and your notes unforgettable.


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