Mastering the MemoryPower Basics

We all are born with a phenomenal memory, yet we are never formerly taught how it works or how to use it. In this introduction, take command of three foundational memory systems that will immediately sharpen your brain’s powerhouse memory processing and recall abilities forever. Discover how your brain learns best, how to make information unforgettable, and how to manage increasing amounts of information in shorter amounts of time.

In this fun, skills-packed, interactive and example-rich DVD training, Scott Bornstein will help you master the MemoryPower basics that will unlock your capacity for efficiently and effectively making the kinds of memories our brains are built for.

You will feel completely engaged as you watch and learn, practice and improve. Each method puts another recall tool within reach, strengthening your memory’s performance, and building a powerful strategy that is immediately useful and usable. Unleash your ability to take control of new information with ease and begin seeing results each time you go to remember something new!

This is the single most important skill you can develop!

What you’ll learn:
  MemoryPower Basics – words, priming memory, the 10 Day Rule
  3 Foundational MemoryPower Systems – the 3 L’s
  How to consolidate memories to make them impervious to erasure
  Training worksheets and guided practice

Included in the DVD/CD packages: The Complete MemoryPower Solution, Professional & Sales bundle, and Academic Success bundle.

Mastering the Memory
Power Basics – DVD

Everyone is born with a great
memory … learn how to use it!


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