The Original Verbal Advantage MemoryPower Edition

“Every time you speak, people judge you by the words you use.” So true!

When Verbal Advantage was first introduced, it was a sensation across America and beyond. Based on Scott Bornstein’s Memory Techniques for Vocabulary Mastery book, it provided professionals and older students an audio guided tour-de-force of memory enhancing word mastery that catapulted ordinary expression into sharp, sizzling, persuasive communication. Tens-of-thousands benefitted from Bornstein’s ingenious fusion of word power and memory training. 

Listen as the meaning of each word becomes effortlessly and actively implanted into your memory for lasting recall.  Link each word to three synonyms to further expand your knowledge and usage.  Use the words in an illustrative story to deepen your mastery of your growing vocabulary.

Learn 80 of the most commonly used  etymologies – word roots – from Latin and Greek; expanding your aptitude and giving you the ability to decipher and unlock the meanings of thousands of additional words commonly found in everyday use.

You’ll love the way Scott Bornstein’s dynamic visual techniques work to to assure that nearly 2500 words and their meanings become literally “unforgettable!”

What’s included:
Scott Bornstein’s expanded 12CD Verbal Advantage MemoryPower Edition is a professionally recorded and produced audio series of nearly 12 hours of vocabulary mastery. Learn step-by-step as you listen and learn at your own pace, using the companion 56 page workbook to measure your progress and performance. This is the most effective word power builder you will ever own!

Especially effective with the DVD training programs. Included in The Complete MemoryPower Solution DVD/CD course.

The Original Verbal Advantage
12 CD MemoryPower Edition

Every time you speak, people judge
you by the words you use.


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