Scott Bornstein’s 6CD MemoryPower Workshop Seminar

Here’s your opportunity to “sit in” on one of Scott’s workshops and experience the fun and quantum leap in your memory power abilities just by listening. This self-guided program introduces the MemoryPower process and first systems, and then moves into sharpening your powers of observation, logic and imagination. Create a fail-proof memory system of visual memory anchors you will use time and again to trigger recall on demand.

It will transport you to more advanced memory skills and challenge you with learning to read and understand Russian as a simple vocabulary exercise and then on to names & faces and number mastery. Sharpen reading speed and comprehension and learn how to mind-map.

Each skill is introduced, practiced, and then followed-up with workbook exercises that will stimulate your mind, train and expand your memory, and give you total confidence that you now possess the tools and systems to manage your greatest knowledge management challenges … now and in the future.

You’ll love the way Bornstein’s dynamic visual techniques work to give you command and instant recall for any important fact and be thrilled in the discovery that the same techniques can be applied again and again to new material  with equal ease and impressive recall result!

What’s included in this MemoryPower series:
6 CDs: Scott Bornstein’s Breakthrough Learning MemoryPower Workshop
88 page Workbook: Listen and learn at your own pace and record your performance and progress! Bonus guided 10-Day schedule included for additional practice of the systems.
100 Number-Word color flash cards for training the memory number system
Bonus MP3

Included in the DVD/CD packages: The Complete MemoryPower Solution, Professional bundle, and Academic Success bundle.

Scott Bornstein’s Memory
Power Workshop Seminar

This 6+ hour 6 CD immersion is a
day of memory training with Scott.


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Workbook, Number-Keyword System Training Cards, Bonus MP3