Scott Bornstein’s Vocabulary Mastery

“They say that light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.” Funny, but true.

Words are the currency of your success – academically, professionally, socially. IQ and standardized tests assess it, reading comprehension demands it, every new subject in school measures it, success as a leader, in sales or customer service necessitates it, and your ability to influence, persuade and build relationships relies on it.

In this book, Scott Bornstein takes you on a powerful journey of vocabulary mastery as only a memory expert can. It is the simple fusion of word association and root word mastery that will catapult your vocabulary from ordinary to sharp, sizzling, persuasive communication.

Designed to be completed in less than 10 minutes a day, you will enlarge your word power for a dazzling array of useful and interesting words as well as build a powerhouse ability to decode new words knowing latin/greek word roots. Over the course of 6 short weeks, you will achieve a verbal advantage reserved to those with a graduate school education and a much sharper memory power too!

Used in high schools for vocabulary development as well as in courses to help students prepare for the SAT and GRE exams.

What you’ll learn:
Each chapter introduces 20 new words, 3 etymologies from latin or greek and six related words for each, 2 full-page humorous illustrations showing how to remember words and their definitions, sample sentences for correct usage and context, and review exercises. In the beginning chapters all the associations are provided to stimulate your imagination and train you in the art of word association. As you progress further into the materials, you are challenged to make your own stories/association connecting the words and their meanings.

Scott Bornstein’s
Vocabulary Mastery

Sharpen memory & develop a verbal
advantage in only minutes a day!


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