Dr. Marilyn Simon’s Math Advancement

Math Advancement, by Marilyn K. Simon is ideal for students who want a quick and easy way to refresh their long-forgotten math skills, along with a new way to really learn the skills this time around.  This workbook covers basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry concepts, as well as more advanced topics in discrete mathematics, chaos theory, calculus, probability, and statistics.  All concepts are presented in a “student-friendly” and unforgettable format.

Math Advancement provides a unique comprehensive math review for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, CBEST and LSAT as well as the Praxis series for teachers K-12.  Clear and concise exploration of the most frequently tested math rules and principles of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Designed to give students the information and test-taking strategies needed to outperform peers on the mathematics sections of important exams. This book also introduces basic concepts of advanced mathematical subjects that are usually not part of the primary and secondary curricula, but are often required in higher education and in solving real-world problems.

What you’ll learn:
Using state of the art memory techniques as well as tapping into accelerated learning methods, Math Advancement offers a “refreshing” and fun approach to mathematics.  Carefully sequenced practice sets are designed to build a student’s math skills, step-by-step, as well as provide a conceptual approach to learning mathematics.  The workbook emphasizes all the basic concepts and problem solving skills that a student needs to know to excel in their math advancement and score higher on standardized tests.

Dr. Marilyn Simon’s
Math Advancement

Master the 15 math concepts used
in 90% of all SAT math questions!


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