Mike Unruh, Manager
Stephen Kircher, CEO
Chad Jones, PR Manager
Meg O’Leary, Dir Marketing


“I attended Scott's presentation… and was blown away by the material and its immediate, practical applications."

Alaric Haerens, Prin Advisor Aerzen Canada  

“Amazed at how much I could remember once I knew how."

Leora Vanderbrink  Manager Quality Control ABACA Solutions

“For the first time in my life, I know I can improve my memory.”

Debbie Sichkaryk Manager Reporting & General Accounting, MacEwan University

“… Will help me improve my skills, proficiency & expertise.”

Mary Tomas Garcia Manager Budgets & Forecast, Capital Power

“Great workshop. Very easy to understand process and easy to put into practice.”

Oliver Hoar President RH Sheppard Co

“Phenomenal increase in my ability to remember facts and names in this short session – a problem I’ve struggled with my entire life thus far.”

Cindy Lou Franke Operations Manager

“What a tremendous life lesson. Remembering names, life events and my wife’s birthday. Thank you.”

Brad Keen President/GM Boyne Highlands

“Challenged me to improve a weakness.”

Taylor Middleton, GM Big Sky Resort

“I couldn’t believe I was able to improve in just 3 hours! … I can use all your techniques. I want to be known as the one with phenomenal memory.”

Michelle MacKeith Vistage Spousal Retreat

“Fantastic! The power of memory can make a great difference to me and my team.”

Jeff Rinkus COO ABB Concise

“Thank you Scott for an amazing day of Memory Power Training.”

Bob Berger, President MW Canada  

“Scott is in the top 2 speakers which I have had the pleasure to work with during my 13 years as a TEC member."

Dave Jevons  CEO, CDM Jevons

“We all shocked ourselves at how fast we were able to retain new information that at first seemed overwhelming.”

John Chester, President & Janitor Wild Apple

“His impressive presentation and memory enhancing skills are incredible!”

Sandi Jacobs, Marketing ASAE  

"I strongly urge companies and organizations to consider using his seminar for their executives and sales people.”

Scott Woelfel, CEO, Armchair Media