Mike Unruh, Manager
Stephen Kircher, CEO
Chad Jones, PR Manager
Meg O’Leary, Dir Marketing


“Bringing key information back into my head, off my computer or notes. “

Chris David  Retail National Account Manager  RNDC

“Memory Power Advantage system is very helpful for future presentations.”

Holly Wilkes  Area Manager RNDC

“Powerful information that will make you a better leader/person in general. “

Mike McCrory  Corporate National Chain Manager RNDC Annual Meeting – Tampa

“As a junior associate this will help me prepare the work product and add value to my firm.”

Karine Akopchikyan  Associate Attorney  Scheidemantle Law Group

“You can remember more than you think.”

Brad Avrit  President WEXCO International

“Recall brings credibility which builds confidence (self & others).”

Brian Ozinga  Director of Operations  Entertainment Earth, Inc

“Skills to categorize important information for better memory.”

Michael Steer  President  MQMR

“Most important is that memory is fixable!”

Cathy Hancock  HR Director  Prime Company

“I love that I am leaving with simple, useable tools to enhance my memory power immediately.”

Lori Orr COO Diablo Valley Oncology

“I want to impart memory-based systems into company training and other processes in the business.”

Richard Ruddock President Chemline Plastics

“Outstanding. Great skill to have for engaging employees and customers.”

David Hernandez President Liberty Power Corp

"Amazing, effective, easy to implement tools for empowering, enhancing & inspiring."

Fanny Haim President Fanny Haim & Asociates

“I’m confident that I now have the tools to … effectively study for future certifications and broader skill sets.”

Richard Wong Senior System Administrator CIRA

"Excellent Scott! My decision to bring you back was brilliant!"

Franklin Holtforster CEO MHPM

“Impressive, informative, practical!”

Anthony Sheehan Director Macadamian