Two Inspiring Videos & Noteworthy Links

Here are links to two powerful, brilliant, and engaging thought leaders. Their observations are simply consequential.

In addition to the other useful references on this page, I encourage you to click on the MORE tab above and peruse other RESOURCES worthy of your time (thought leaders, brain & business books). Let me know your favorites and keep learning, growing, improving!

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

Simon’s TEDx talk … watch this!
How great leaders inspire action.


Steve Jobs Stanford Speech
Stanford Commencement Speech

Steve Jobs quintessential ability to use
story to move, motivate and inspire.


B-Card Sticky NotePad

Create sticky note pads for
your company’s sales teams!


MemoryPower Article

Scott explains the basics of excellent
recall and memory for names & faces.

Download PDF

5 Steps to Expert

How to go from Business Novice
to Elite Performer! Paul Schempp


Tell to Win

Connect, Persuade, and Triumph
with the Hidden Power of Story