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MemoryPower for Students

Expert Memory Skills for Student Success & Academic Achievement
A trained memory will help you learn faster, know more, get higher grades, open the door to scholarships and admissions to top universities, and give you a dramatic advantage in grad school and beyond … leading to higher earning jobs and a lifetime of personal and professional success.

Simply put, you can’t compete if you can’t remember well.

In this training you will learn Scott Bornstein’s exclusive MemoryPower systems & powerhouse study strategies to blow away the competition!

• Achieve a competitive advantage & unwavering self-confidence
• See immediate results, reduce learning time and effort, and accomplish academic & learning goals faster
• Learn precise strategies that power recall speed and accuracy
• Apply Scott’s comprehensive MemoryPower strategies and unlock your innate learning ability for better grades!

If you have ever had your mind go blank during a test, feel overwhelmed by too much to remember, need help mastering new subjects, or just want to develop a phenomenal memory ability to make any learning challenge easier … then you need this program.

1) 5 Laws of MemoryPower • Neuroscience of Learning • The 10 Day Rule
2) Focus, Perception & Blazing Fast Recall Strategies
3) Bornstein’s 3 Powerhouse MemoryPower Systems
4) Vocabulary, Lists, Names, Numbers • Practice
5) Reading for Speed/Comprehension (class texts & standardized tests)
6) Advanced MemoryPower Anchor Systems • Scaling Your Memory Ability
7) The Number/KeyWords, History, Science, Formulas, Languages
8) Mind-Mapping Systems for Class Notes, Reading & Test Review
9) Time Management, Organization & Study Habits Best-Practices                              
10) Q&A • Online Practice/Follow-ups • Wrap-Up


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