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Middle School Subjects
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AP Subject Tests
College – Pre-Med
Law School Memorization
Medical School 
Nursing School 
Teacher Licensing Exams
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Pure and simple … if you want the best grades, you have to remember more. Sometimes a lot more.

If you think your memory has reached its limits, study too hard and remember too little, or are tired of not “knowing” the right answer at the right time, then you need a better system … THIS system.

With personalized training and tailored 1-2-1 coaching from the world’s preeminent memory expert – Scott Bornstein, master 5 fail-proof MemoryPower Systems and killer accelerated learning/study habits & test-taking processes that will change your academic life. Scott will show you how to learn any subject in less time, with less effort – with amazing recall and results – like never before! Invaluable for students 12 and older!

If knowing 10% – 50% more on tests, or if out-remembering, out-learning, and out-performing your classmates would make a difference to you, then master the most powerful, effective, and widely-used memory system & tools a student needs to have.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on tutors when what you really need are select systems & processes for accelerated learning and recall … every subject, every time!

If you can’t remember well it’s because you haven’t learned how. Contact us below to get started! 

SESSION 1 – 1.5 hours

MemoryPower 1.0 – How Your Brain Learns Best • 3X Your Memory Power • 5 Laws of Memory • The System & How to Use It

SESSION 2 – 1.25 hours

MemoryPower 2.0 – Next Level Systems • Doubling Your Memory Capacity • The Reading Memory Process • Number System

SESSION 3 – 1.25 hours

MemoryPower 3.0 – The 4 Master Systems • Key Anchors • Concepts • Formulas • History • Scientific & Math Terms • Comprehension

SESSION 4 – 1.5 hours

MemoryPower 4.0 – Systems Thinking • Notes & Mind-Maps • Test-Prep & MemoryPower Study Habits • Next Steps

TUTORING SESSION 1 – 1.0 hours

Applying the Systems Consistently & Reliably


Eliminating Your Challenges • Strategies


Hitting Your Targets & Goals Consistently

TUTORING SESSION 4 – 1.0 hours

MemoryPower for All Subjects • Your Plan


You will be learning a NEW SKILLSET, a thoroughly transformational approach to remembering academic content, while strengthening STUDY HABITS for absorbing, and triggering the memory. You will be guided, step-by-step, in re-wiring your memory’s capabilities; a process that requires 4 Sunday sessions, across 4 weeks , to allow the skill to grow strong and your memory to act fast.

You will have online practice to sharpen your new systems and reinforce recall accuracy. Special materials to develop focus and build a richer vocabulary (crucial to memory consolidation and learning), and mastery of the number system.

Through rich and varied examples across the spectrum of relevant academic content terms, names, numbers, formulae, languages, concepts, reading comprehension, notes, lists, organization/study/test-prep you master an air-tight process that guarantees rapid and lasting fluency; which, for many, is more than enoughInvaluable for students 12 and older!

what’s included

Each training lasts 4 weeks, is conducted personally by Scott Bornstein, limited to a maximum of 6 students to allow optimal interaction and learning, customized workshop materials, subscription to all online review/practice modules, 272 page Vocabulary Mastery book & 110 card deck of the master number/word system, Mind-Map worksheets and materials.


You’re a BUSY STUDENT and I can be your personal MemoryPower TUTOR and learning partner.  Your guide with a neural/cognitive roadmap that helps you find the shortest path to the best and easiest recall results, whatever your subject(s)! 

With more than 35 years training students and professionalsmiddle/high school subject matter, college, law, medical and graduate content, co-founder of an SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT and teacher licensing test-prep company, chief Memory Training Expert to executives and sales professionals, memory trainer to older adults – I will save you time & effort, and guide you in conquering your memory challenges and hitting your academic targets and goalsInvaluable for students 12 and older!

This extra 3.5 HOURS – added to the 4 MasterClasses – will precisely fine-tune your newfound memory expertise and proficiency to for all your future mastery needs.


“Scott, thanks to your course I graduated #2 in my Law School after being 83rd in my class the year before! ”


Law Student – Southwestern School of Law
“The methods are easy to apply to all subjects, which is exactly what I need in school from now on!”


10th grade – Hong Kong International School, China
“If all teachers taught this way, every student would pass every test, every time!”


11th grade – Mater Dei HS Prep, California
“It’s the perfect system for working smart and not working hard.”


8th grade – Punahou School , Honolulu