“Scott was a guest speaker at a conference for our business club Entrepreneurs Organization in Chicago. I went to the event with low expectations, however, I was quickly enthralled at what Scott had to teach us about the capabilities of memory and how far it could be developed. Scott performed some on-the-spot demonstrations of memory including immediate recall of 30 random numerical characters provided by the audience and recall of full names and phone numbers of audience members (there were about 70 in attendance), including my own name and number. I, along with most of the rest of the audience, was simply flabbergasted. He taught us the techniques he used and over the course of the evening we were all able to perform memory feats greater than we could at the beginning of the event. Scott had clearly done his homework in advance, and his presentation was a huge hit. He is a professional of the highest order, and I’d strongly recommend hiring him for your company or event. Although it was several years ago that I went to Scott’s event, it has stuck in my mind as one of the most astonishing feats of human capability I’ve ever witnessed in person, and I’ve recounted that evening to many people since then.”

Andrew Arthurs, President Alpine Home Air Products