Bring Scott’s remarkable and unforgettable training to your company or let us help organize an open-seat workshop in your city and share the costs with others. Scott will be in Perth for CEO executive groups Dec 2-4 and 9-12, and is available 27-29 Nov, and 1, 6, 8 and 13th Dec. Contact us for reduced pricing and more details!

MemoryPower for Executives, Fund Managers & Sales Professionals

Did you know that 50 percent of all we see and hear is gone within five minutes, two-thirds is lost before an hour is over, and by the next day, the figure is 90 percent. 

If this describes your memory for names & faces, analyses, trends and key data points, numbers, passwords, presentations, or the myriad to-dos in a day, then worry no more.

Scott Bornstein, Chief Memory Training Expert to CEOs, executives, and sales professionals across 50 countries, will teach you how to turn this critical ability and core competency into a strength and competitive advantage.

Scott’s systems and amazing presentation style are carefully designed to build your skills fast and to grow your success in leading and performing more effectively. Learn the science of memory and the 5 Laws of Memory Power & the 10-day rule to drive personal performance. Master Scott’s 6-Step MemoryPower Metric and powerhouse systems to know more than the competition, increase productivity, align operations, competitive advantages and brand, and sharpen professionalism.

Whether it’s a benchmarks or sector details, new hires or last months numbers, managing deals or keeping commitments, master tools and solutions that will save you time, save your credibility, and most importantly, help you manage in a world of information overload.

Everyone who experiences Scott Bornstein walks away amazed and smarter, with newfound skills and a more powerful memory that improve effectiveness, stakeholder relationships and bottom-line results.

Step away from the usual agenda to engage a seasoned group, develop professionally, and keep opportunities and results flowing! 

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Bring Scott’s remarkable and unforgettable workshops for middle school/high school/college age or programs for younger learners and parents to your community. Scott will be in Perth for CEO executive groups Dec 2-4 and 9-12, and is available 27-29 Nov, and 1, 6, 8 and 13th Dec. Contact us for special all-day and half-day student workshop pricing and more details!

Every success and accomplishment in life is proof of an accurate and powerful memory.

Whether in school, work or personally, having a strong, dependable memory directly affects the quality of your life.  It determines the grades you receive, the schools you’ll attend, the jobs you will have, the money you will make, the quality of your relationships, and ultimately how well you lead your life – especially as you get older.

If you have ever had your mind go blank during a test or when meeting someone new, feel your responsibilities are outstripping your abilities, suffer from information overload, or just want to strengthen your memory power … then you need this program.

FACT: We all are born with a phenomenal memory, we are never taught how it works or how to use it.

In one hour, you can sharpen your brain’s powerhouse memory processing ability and understand what makes information unforgettable. In two hours, your immersion and mastery of the fundamental MemoryPower systems is complete and you’ve discovered what a capable and powerful memory your possess. You’ve begun to re-wire your brain to achieve amazingly fast recall and learned the 5 laws of MemoryPower and the 10 day rule to help your memory stay strong and keep information at your fingertips.

FACT: There is no such thing as a poor memory, only an “untrained memory.”

During the balance of the day achieve a comprehensive mastering of all the Bornstein MemoryPower systems and new and efficient ways to organize and keep large and varied amounts of academic knowledge at your fingertips.

You will know precise strategies and methods for remembering increasingly complex and varied types of information, including numbers, words, formulas, steps in procedures, processes, lists, names, faces and facts. Every new practice strengthens your brain’s MemoryPower capabilities as the neurons you use to create recall get more selective with training, more efficient, and process faster. These incredible tools will help you save time and immediately get better results!

FACT: We are never taught anything about special and advanced memory techniques and how to use it to our advantage.

By day’s end your proficient use of the systems will more than triple your memory recall capacity. Use of Bornstein’s Anchor system, Key Word number system, and logical reasoning memory system will sharpen your observation skills, focus, and powers of concentration and hard-wire your rapid recall capability to manage and control any type of information.

Immediately practical for students of all ages and those who need to learn volumes of material and detail right away … graduate students in law, business or medicine, or certification or licensure exam (Series 7, CPA, Bar, Boards, Nursing, Insurance, Real Estate, Teaching).

FACT: If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get the same results you’ve always gotten.

With Scott Bornstein’s MemoryPower training, you will possess a stronger memory and total confidence to remember what you should not forget. What can we help you remember?

Bornstein Memory Training …. the world’s most effective memory training company across 50 countries since 1952.

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Scott gets to Australia just once a year, so don’t pass up this opportunity to capture deep savings and reserve a place on his calendar while he is in the region this November and December.

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