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Master Scott’s Systems Faster with a powerful combination of 1-2-1 Coaching & Online Training

Combine Scott’s 1-2-1 coaching and online training as Scott personally helps you target and customize your efforts over 66 days. Not only will Scott accelerate your mastery of all his training tools and systems, you will have access to the online platform he uses for your personal training and practice.

Only focus on the information you want to know NOW … names/faces/facts of all your important clients, employees or contacts, presentations, numbers, processes. Scott will guide you in setting up your templates and get you started memorizing your content so you can take control FAST and remember what you must not forget!

In three live, private, online sessions with Scott, quickly customize the MemoryPower systems to your specific needs and content … fact patterns, number/data recall, presentation decks, names/faces for small and large group settings, so your systems become hard-wired skill sets sooner. Receive text/email guidance and updates, scheduled progress check-ins, and access to a library of memory examples and solutions that will save you time and effort.

Become a trained expert as Scott helps you grow your MemoryPower once and for all. Achieve a memory expertise that will profit you in your work, social and personal life, and keep your brain agile and memory unfailing regardless of age. This is the single best investment in your professional and personal development you could ever make!

Session 1 – Developing Advanced MemoryPower Systems & Tools • MemoryPower System #1 Refresh & Practice • Creating Memory System #2 – The More Personal, The Better • Establishing Memory System #3 – The Bornstein Number/Key-Word System • Training Goals and Practice before Session 2 • Session length 60 minutes

Session 2 – Mastering the MemoryPower Systems: Drill-Down for Speed & Proficiency • MemoryPower Anchor Systems 1 & 2 Refresh & Targeted Content Practice • Memory System #3 – Number/Key-Word Mastery, The 100 Key Words • Training Goals and Practice before Session 3 • Session length 60 minutes

Session 3 – Advanced Application of the MemoryPower Systems: More Drill-Down + Client Names & Faces • MemoryPower Anchor Systems 1, 2, & 3 Refresh & Targeted Applications • Names & Faces Refresh: Adding Data Points, Applications to employee/clients & vendors • Meeting Training Goals and Practice Objectives. Further Follow-up? • Session length 60 minutes

Live, Secure, Private 1-2-1 session using HipChat’s video/chat/file transfer for each training and your follow-ups, includes $75 materials and access to online modules


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