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MemoryPower for Sales Professionals
Memory Systems & Sales Processes that Close More Sales

The secret weapon and core competency of all successful sales professionals is an accurate and unfailing memory.

Whether it’s names & faces, client information, sales scripts, industry knowledge, key metrics, tasks, follow-ups, or accurately recalling details from conversations or negotiations, every single day your credibility, influence, and trust is measured by the limits of what you can remember.

Simply put, if you can’t remember well, you’re losing sales.

In this special training designed for the new-hire or seasoned sales professional, master three memory systems & four critical sales processes that will decisively boost your sales effectiveness, drive activity, power business and personal relationships, and most importantly, grow the quality and quantity of your sales!

Scott Bornstein, world’s foremost business memory training expert to sales professionals across 50 countries, will leave you amazed by your newfound systems and ability to recall vital facts, knowledge, and names & faces with ease … and feeling like the smartest person in the room.

Here’s what you’ll learn to immediately increase your sales effectiveness and results:

 1)  How MemoryPower Influences Sales, Trust & Competitive Advantage
 2)  Neuroscience,The 5 Laws of MemoryPower & the 10 Day Rule
 3)  Bornstein’s 3 MemoryPower Systems for Sales Processes, Scripts & Handling Objections
 4)  6 Keys to Flawless Recall of Names & Faces, Facts & Details • Group Practices
 5)  The MemoryPower Focus: Core Values, Purpose, Brand Promise, BHAGs
 6)  Onboarding Best-Practices • 8 Negotiating Secrets • Sales IQ • Taking Action

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Access Scott’s training for yourself, your teams or your family! Enhance your MemoryPower with targeted advanced systems as Scott guides you, step-by-step, to take your MemoryPower systems to the expert level. Call 888.711.1215 for details and to lock in your training times with Scott!


Master Scott’s Systems with a powerful combination of 1-2-1 Coaching & Tailored Online Training

Combine 1-2-1 coaching with Scott and tailored online training as you focus on the information you want to know NOW … whether it’s names, faces, numbers, tasks, processes, presentations, sales scripts, what you read, or the brute-force memorization demands of a student!  

Not only will Scott quickly sharpen your mastery of all his training tools and systems, you will have access to his expertise of more than 35 years of  MemoryPower training, prowess and coaching of executives, sales professionals, students and learners of all ages, to help you realize your goals of  deep mastery for whatever you must not forget.

Simply put, what is worth to you to have a reputation for remembering people you meet or who work for you, for being able to accurately recall data or quotes you’ve just heard or read, to be a more effective negotiator or sales person, more polished in your presentations and communication, graduating in the top 5% of your class, or having the peace of mind and calm knowing you know as much or more than the smartest person in the room?

Here is an opportunity to develop your brain ‘s MemoryPower skill to a level that will be the envy of your peers, plus give you the cognitive agility and reserves to manage key responsibilities with greater ease and, most importantly, combat the stresses of aging later in life.  

Take charge of your Memory ability to achieve more and invest the effort to make your greatest cognitive asset your greatest strength.

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