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Arthur Bornstein’s DVD
Memory Training Course

The best memory training system in
the world … learn how to use it!



Arthur Bornstein’s
Multiplication Memorizer

Students love the immediate recall
created for each fact up to 12×12!



Arthur Bornstein’s States
& Capitals Memorizer

Instantly recall the state and its
capital & location! 56 flash cards.



Arthur Bornstein’s Original
Spelling Memorizer

Unforgettable associations make
learning how to spell fun and easy!



Arthur Bornstein’s Sub
and Addition Memorizer

Complete teaching kit includes 110
flashcards. Vivid illustrations/stories.



Scott Bornstein’s
Vocabulary Mastery

Sharpen memory & develop a verbal
advantage in only minutes a day!


Arthur Bornstein • Making Memory Experts since 1952

“The very first thing an executive must have is a fine memory. Of course it does not follow that a man with a fine memory is necessarily a fine executive. But if he has the memory he has the first qualification, and if he has not the memory nothing else matters.”  Thomas Alva Edison